All About JBS

Who We Are and How JBS came about...

Jolirose Bake Shop began like many other bake shops….  

I had a little time on my hands and, somehow, baking FROM SCRATCH popped into my head.  I believe it was Divine Intervention.  I mean, I have never had an interest in baking and especially not from scratch.  :/  (no I have never been formally trained- unless Google and Youtube count). And so, I baked a few things for family and friends and they loved their sweet treats.  They told me I should start a business.  Well,  after a few hundred times of being told this (OK, maybe not THAT many times ;), I actually did start one.  Jolirose Cupcakes was born.   

Then a friend ordered a cake.  A. CAKE.  They wanted a CUSTOM cake!!  Eeeeeek!!  Now that was a challenge. I hadn't really tried cakes yet but I love a challenge. So I did it.

I guess this is where I say, the rest is history.  But I'll continue anyway.   I got so many requests for cakes that I hardly received cupcake orders anymore.  Most of the cupcakes I made were in addition to a custom cake order.  Which is why I decided to change my shop name to Jolirose Cake Shop… Kinda matches what I actually do.


And then the business took me on a new and exciting adventure/challenge/opportunity. I bought an existing bakery business!  And it came with all the bells and whistles.. Turn key baby.   So in addition to creating custom cakes, I now have a new addition to the original custom cake business… wholesale and a retail storefront where the public can walk in and readily purchase some treats! No more having to call in an order weeks an advance for cupcakes!!  WooHoo


But thats not all!!!!  A new adventure has ensued and I have opened up a SECOND LOCATION!!!  At no other than, The Palisades Center Mall!!!!  Now you have two places to come visit and get your sweet fix.  And now, Jolirose BAKE Shop is born!!! 

We will be celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at the Palisades Shop in November, 2018! Stay tuned!


Oh and about our name...

People often ask me where I came up with the name Jolirose Bake Shop.  Well, I was planning a trip to Europe and wanted to learn a little French for emergencies like, where is the bathroom? Where is there a McDonalds? (Yes, they have McDonalds in Paris! Although instead of hamburgers, they sell Croque Monsieur and such.) Anyway, you get the idea.  While I was trying to learn these phrases I came across the word "Joli".  This word just leapt off the page and stuck to me.. I just thought it was such a pretty word.  Well, lo and behold, the word Joli means "pretty".  So thats where half the name came from…  The other half is from my maternal grandmother whose name was Rosario; I shortened it to Rose.  And there you have it.

Proudly  making beautifully delicious pastries and custom specialty cakes for all occasions in the NYC, Rockland, Westchester and Bergen County areas.  

Thank you for reading this and visiting my little cake world. 

See you at the shops!

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