What's so special...


Someone asked me, what's so special about you? About your bakery?

Not in a bad way.  It was asked as an innocent question and it got me thinking...  

What IS so special about me and my bakery? What sets me apart from all the other bakeries?

So here's my answer  

Jolirose Bake Shop is a boutique bakery.  Rockland's first.  We bring a European feel and ambiance with a distinctly American twist to Rockland County.   Beautiful reclaimed wood adorns our stores with clean white walls and chalkboard accents everywhere.  We display our delicious products on cake stands and wood boxes and such. 

And that's just the decor. 

Let's talk about taste and quality. 

Our scratch made pastries are beyond compare.  We test every recipe and make it a point to get real feedback from many different people before we even consider putting anything in our cases. I take this process very seriously.  I know that if I expect my clients to spend their hard earned money with us, then I have a responsibility to them to put out only the best, highest quality pastries.

We make fancy desserts and put them right alongside your home style favorites.  We are bound to have something for every palate.  Our variety is awesome!  Anything from a Lemon Raspberry Meringue Tart to a chocolate chip cookie can be found at either of our shops. Check out our menu here.

And lastly,  I'm kinda fun and my staff is too. 😝

So if you'd like to have an amazing dessert or just try something new, come see us and enjoy our ambiance and boutique style shops.  Or you can always order some items online for delivery if you're not local...  we've got you covered.

Thats it...  that's what make us special.

hmmmm..  as I re-read this I realize that I didn't say anything about myself..  I do that a lot.

I'm special because I am the mother of two amazing kids and a wife to the bravest and most generous man ever! He actually jumped out of a moving vehicle on I-95 once to help a person that was just in an accident right in the lane next to us.  😳

I've done a few cool things myself.  😉

Maybe I'll be interviewed one day..  I'm better at answering questions about myself than actually just spitting stuff out..

Til the next time...   

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