A New Bakery

Yup, you read right!  I am opening my own bakery!


As I write this, I am still in the process of the purchase and all that comes with that… And you can believe ALOT goes into purchasing a business.

Lets start at the beginning…. It won't be a long story because well, the beginning was only a couple of weeks ago.

Brandon from Hudson Valley Cakery posted that he was selling his business on Facebook and I was tagged (a few times).  Thanks to all the ladies that tagged me on that post ;)  Anyhow, I blew it off because of course, I couldn't afford to buy a business.  But then I told my husband about it and he said I should "Call the guy up".  I emailed "the guy" and he responded very quickly. Next thing you know, my husband is asking his mom to help me purchase this business and to my great surprise, she didn't even hesitate.  Like, not even a flinch. :o


I really can't thank you enough Barbara!!!  :)

I'm still in shock.  Not to mention extremely humbled that she (and my husband) have soo much faith in my capabilities. 

So fast forward a few days and I'm visiting the shop.  Everything looked great and I made an offer.  Fast forward another few days and Brandon called me to let me know he'd like to talk in person.  Hmmm…  whats all this "in person" stuff, I wondered.  It was all good…  we came to an agreement and started the purchasing process.  He was super happy and I'm STILL in shock but happy too. ;)

To all the Hudson Valley Cakery loyal clients,   don't worry… many things will remain the same. I'm a big believer in that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  But I will definitely bring my own brand of caking along with me.  I think everyone will love the blend.

To all my awesome Jolirosers, you don't have to worry either.  :)  My cakes will only get better and you can visit me anytime to get some sweets.  :) 

I have lots of ideas and I hope you guys will all follow me on FB and IG so we can take this journey together.  *Classes may be added to the menu too….  #justsayin #TheSkyIsTheLimit

We will be having a GRAND OPENING.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find out when the party will be.