Nyack Street Fair

Well hello there.

I thought I'd share a little insight to the street fair I just attended as a vendor.. FYI: This is THE best street fair in Rockland County!  Our little village becomes a sea of people and tents in a matter of hours. Face painters, jewelry makers and so many other artists line the streets.  

As many of you know, mostly because I put it in my FAQ section ;) , I don't have a storefront so the street fair is where I get to meet a lot of people that follow my work and it was awesome!  


Soo many came by to say hi and a whole bunch of people stopped to look at my display cakes. I have to say that there were a few (annoying) bees that kept on going into my gum paste flowers.  This was going on ALL day… I finally decided it was a compliment and let it go.  LOL

There were such wonderful compliments coming my way that I was beaming all day.  Thank you to those of you who came by my booth.

I found out just how much people like coconut macaroons, especially when they're gluten free. Sidenote: MAKE MORE NEXT TIME!!!!

If you are looking for something to do in Rockland County, NY on a day that the Nyack Street Fair is going on, do your best to make it here.  Its great fun and the people are awesome.  I'm so proud of my village and all the small businesses here. Click here for dates. 


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