The Floating Scrolls-Frozen Cake

Well hello there.  I've been asked a few times now to show you guys how to make the floating scrolls from my Frozen cake.  Welp…  here it goes… :)

First I'll share how I came about this design aspect for the first Frozen cake I made..  I just wanted to do something different, it was as simple as that. I thought about some of the things I liked from the movie. The way the snowflakes would just rise when Elsa pointed her hand up was at the top of the list of things I loved. I just thought it was, well, magical.  So how awesome would it be if I could get an image of Elsa pointing a hand up and somehow having those snowflakes (my scrolls) just float up to the top of the cake? And thats how it all came to be. 

Alright, now that the backstory has been shared.. Lets get to the nitty gritty.

First you want to get some wires and bend them to your liking.  I used a 20 gauge metallic wire.. see the pic..

In the picture above I have already bent the wires and I also twisted the top and the bottom.  you want to make sure they stay together.

*It helps to have the cake stacked so that you can have an idea of how the wire will look on it before you add any scrolls.  You can always adjust the wires BEFORE the scrolls are added.. not so easy to do after they are on there.  

Also make sure you wrap floral tape around the bottom of the wire..  can't be putting metal directly into cakes ya'll!  Gotta cover that up. 

Now the trick to make this whole thing work is KRAZY GLUE! Yup, trusty old Krazy Glue.  Don't worry.. the Krazy Glue never touches the cake.  So, make sure the areas of your wires that have Krazy Glue on them DO NOT touch the cake.

I put a tiny dot of Krazy glue on the back of the scrolls and stick it on the wire.  OK- I know this sounds easy but trust me, its not so easy.

Below you'll see my vast supplies of sparkly adhesive rhinestones and silver scrolls and snowflakes.. Oh my! Just get the ones you like that match the theme.

Then you add the scrolls, snowflakes and rhinestones to your wire until you've reached the top.  

Let it dry for a couple of minutes until you are sure they are not going to pop off then put the wires into your chilled cake.  

*The cake needs to be chilled so its not so soft that the wire won't stay stuck in it. 

Here is the completed cake.  Notice that the only part of the wire that touches the cake is the part on the bottom that was wrapped.  Make sure you tell the recipient of the cake to remove the floating scrolls and any rhinestones, etc... before cutting. Oh and maybe take the age & Olaf off of the top too.. You know those Fondant figures become hard as rocks.  ;)  Technically they're edible but I don't know who would want to eat Olaf..  

*This cake was made for a girl who really loves Olaf and Sven which is why I switched out the edible images on the cake above.

Here's one I made with Elsa and Anna.

Here's one I made with Elsa and Anna.

So you see what I mean when I say her hand is up and the snowflakes are floating up from it.  :)

Thanks for spending a little time with me and my blog.  Hope you enjoy making the floating scrolls.  


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