established in 2012


Our "Why"

At Jolirose Baking Co. (aka Jolirose Cake Shop), we exist to make you smile..  Cliche I know.  But whats better than seeing people smile the minute they see sweet treats??  We do this by providing  truly delicious, scratch made desserts & delightful service to the masses! 

No, seriously, these desserts are soo good! Its that simple.    

We've tested recipes, re-tested them, had them taste tested several times and THEN, the winning ones are placed for sale just for you! 

For information on wholesale orders,  please email us at

Buttercream covered custom cakes, cupcake and dessert table orders are also part of our business.  We are your one stop shop for bakery items.  Go ahead and email us for a free quote...  we're always happy to hear from you.